Comprehensive Coverage Comprehensive covers damage done to your vehicle and any vehicle that you happen to be driving. It only covers damage caused by incidents, not collisions. Included would be things such as damage to your car if it was stolen, or in a flood or fire. Check your policy to see what is covered. Lower your premiums by carrying a high deducible on this coverage. Collision Coverage Collision insurance pays for the cost of damage to your vehicle when you have an accident with another vehicle or your car is hit by someone else. If you are driving a low value vehicle it is probably best to drop this coverage. The cost of the insurance can end up being more then the vehicle is worth. Again, keeping your deducible high will reduce the premiums. Uninsured and Under insured Coverage This will cover the cost of repairs if you are hit by someone who doesn't have any insurance or is under insured. This type of insurance comes in both liability and collision. Build cross sector relationships: The future mobility ecosystem will increasingly integrate the activities of automakers, technology companies, insurers, mobility management providers, and the public sector.

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